Johanna Bräuer ✵ 1896-1993

Johanna Bräuer

Name at birth:  Johanna Delbrück
Date of birth:  19 April 1896
Place of birth:  Berlin, Germany
Date of death:  20 November 1993
Place of death:  Mundraching, Bavaria, Germany
Resting place:  Mundraching, Bavaria, Germany
Submitted by:  Bernt V. Brauer   (



I am writing this memoir because my thoughts are with you Mom. If you were with us now, you would be 100 years of age.Johanna Bräuer

Johanna Bräuer-Delbrück, daughter of Hans and Karoline Delbrück, was born in Berlin in 1896 and married my father, Ernst Wasa Bräuer, on 28 August 1924.

I wish I could maintain a contact with you, to keep alive the vivid memories of your impact on my life. Perhaps I can do this by sharing my memories in this seemingly unconventional way. Because I cannot visit your grave today, I use this means to tell you how much you are loved.

I miss you, and think often and proud of your love for us, your eight children. You have lived through a most tumultuous century. But no matter how awesome the challenges, you looked for the ray of hope and never showed your pain. You found strength within to assure us, your children, that there is beauty and excitement in life, which we must seek. You have given us an appreciation for life by which we found inner strength and courage to carry on, and I thank you.

You have stood by my father during the years of war. His spirit rests in Voigtsdorf im Riesengebirge, where he was murdered on 21 May, 1946. I like to believe that he is now at peace.

Johanna BräuerIn memory of your life, you have left us much heritage, including your many paintings which hold special meaning to each of us. Your memoirs will continue to be the foundation of our strength as we go our own ways. I know now that I was loved by you, and that I can accept myself. Please know that I am grateful for all you have done, and that you are loved by your son,







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Ernst Wasa Bräuer ✵ 1989-1946 (husband)