Thomas Michael Landish ✵ 1947-2022

Name at birth: Thomas Michael Landish
Date of birth: July 26, 1947
Place of birth: Monongahela PA
Date of death: December 18, 2022
Place of death: Washington PA
Resting place: Ashes spread in Lake Erie
Submitted by: Linda Scott (

My dearest left me just before Christmas. He died suddenly in a nursing home after suffering a stroke. He was the best man, and he is missed and still loved.

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Lieselotte Hildegard Scheuermann ✵ 1927-2015

Name at birth: Lieselotte Hildegard Scheuermann
Date of birth: September 20, 1927
Place of birth: Mannheim, Germany
Date of death: April 11, 2015
Place of death: Pascagoula, Mississippi
Resting place: Remains donated to University of Mississippi Medical Center
Submitted by: Albert Pettigrew

Lisa, a kind and gentle soul troubled by a storm within her heart, survived World War II in Germany immigrated to United States and was loved by many. She is forever missed.

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Kim Tsiplakov ✵ 1929-2022

Name at birth: Kim Tsiplakov
Date of birth: 13 September 1929
Place of birth: Danilkino Russia
Date of death: 13 July 2022
Place of death: Israel
Resting place: Modi’in Cemetery, Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut, Israel
Submitted by: Inna Tsiplakov

Ким Иванович Цыплаков
13.09.1929 – 13.07.2022

Он был шестым и самым младшим ребёнком в дружной крестьянской семье. Родился уже при советской власти и поэтому ему дали модное, почти корейское имя, которое на самом деле означало сокращение от Коммунистический Интернационал Молодёжи.
Его родное село Данилкино (Саратовской губернии) было основано молоканами в 1832 году.
Отец Иван Елисеевич Цыплаков, зажиточный крестьянин, ненавидел царизм скорее всего по причине религиозных гонений. Поэтому после революции он присоединился к отряду зелёных, который со временем покраснел и влился в армию Будённого. Благодаря своим армейским связям ему удалось избежать раскулачивания в начале тридцатых годов. Пришлось бросить дом и хозяйство и перебраться в Царицын-Сталинград. Так Иван Елисеевич из крестьянина превратился в рабочего на заводе Баррикады.
Несладко пришлось семье Цыплаковых во время Сталинградской битвы. После нескольких месяцев под обстрелами, голода и жизни в подвале семье удалось сбежать в город Балашов. В 1943 мать Варвара Тихоновна Цыплакова (Мозгунова) умерла от голода и болезни.
После войны Ким закончил 8 классов средней школы в Сталинграде и поступил в Казанское Военное Авиационно Техническое Училище. После окончания училища получил звание техника-лейтенанта и начал службу в Белоруссии.
Так Ким попал в Барановичи.
Чтобы продвинуться по службе Ким должен был получить аттестат зрелости. Пришлось пойти в вечернюю школу. Английский там преподавала молодая привлекательная учительница, еврейка, бывшая узница концлагеря Освенцим Женя (Евгения Матвеевна) Брук.
Они полюбили друг друга. И их любовь дала плоды. Сын Митя родился в 1963 году.
Десять лет прожили в Рязани а после выхода Кима в отставку вернулись в Барановичи.
Они сильно любили друга и были вместе пока смерть не разлучила их. В 1992 году Жени не стало.
В 1994 году Ким вместе с семьёй сына перебрался в Израиль. Сначала жили в Ашдоде, потом в Петах-Тикве, а с 1997 года в Модиине.
В Израиле Ким жил полноценной жизнью. Присматривал за внуками, участвовал в работе тель-авивского Клуба Ветеранов Войны, ездил на всевозможные концерты и экскурсии.
Последние несколько лет годы стали давать о себе знать, развилась деменция.
Поэтому не удалось справиться с коронавирусом.
Светлая память.

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Chris Martin Buechler ✵ 1968-2022

Name at birth: Chris Martin Buechler
Date of birth: January 29, 1968
Place of birth: Marinette, Wisconsin
Date of death: February 20, 2022
Place of death: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Submitted by: Renee Buechler

The Journey

Take my hand and walk with me through the sands of time,

Hand in hand we take the steps to turn our pain benign.

With every grain beneath our feet rubbing away the old,

We walk the path through sand and strain to reach the isle of gold.

It is there we land, holding hand in hand, having trekked for miles,

Through grain of sand and forbidden land, we find the eternal nile,

To bathe in it and re-birth our love, in waters clear and true,

Rest, dear souls and weary feet, for we have walked the miles of woe,

To find ourselves, standing hand in hand, strongly against the tow,

Like a grain of sand, tumbled, forming the base of the land, we grow.

Take my hand and walk with me through the sands of time,

To destiny reached, upon this beach, and meant to last a lifetime.

written for my husband in 2021




Chris M. Buechler, 54, of Davie, Florida (hometown Green Bay, Wisconsin), passed away unexpectedly on February 20, 2022.

Chris was born in Marinette, Wisconsin living there and Green Bay, Wisconsin until young adulthood. He graduated from Southwest High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin and earned a master’s degree from Capella University in mental health counseling. In a celebration of love, Chris married Renee (Rauscher) Buechler (hometown Green Bay, Wisconsin) on February 11, 2021.

Chris was an artist, photographer, adventurer, and traveler having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He enjoyed epic adventures each year with his son, Landon, and wife, Renee, having seen places such as San Francisco, Gatlinburg, Key West, Tucson, Las Vegas, and many others. Friends and family enjoyed seeing his active life through his Facebook posts and took comfort in the encouragement and positivity he conveyed there. His love of life will be cherished and remembered by many of his family and friends.

Chris was survived by his wife, Renee (Rauscher) Buechler (Florida); his son, Landon Buechler (Florida); his parents, Don & DyAnn Buechler (South Carolina), his brother, Robbie Buechler (North Carolina), his niece, Savannah, his nephew, Luke, and Jennifer Pearl (Landon’s mother). He was preceded in death by his paternal and maternal grandparents.

A memorial service will be scheduled in the future. If you would like to be made aware of the memorial, please send an email to to be added to the notification list.

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Michael Bordt ✵ 1954-2021

Name at birth: Michael Bordt
Date of birth: May 30, 1954
Place of birth: Korntal, Germany
Date of death: August 5, 2021
Place of death: Ottawa, Canada
Resting place: Ottawa Muslim Cemetery
Submitted by: Mila Bordt

Dr. Michael/Mick/Micki Bordt peacefully left this earth on the morning of 5th August 2021 at his Ottawa home of 30 years. Born to Susie (Elfriede) Locke and Fritz Bordt in the small town of Korntal, Germany in 1954 and moved to Prescott, Ontario in 1956, continuing to pursue a successful, beautiful and adventurous life. He always had a great passion and curiosity for travel which fit in so well with his work, naturally connecting people around the world with similar passions and sharing the gift of seeing the world with his family. He undoubtedly had a special connection with Indonesia after moving there in 1988 where he would meet his wife, Lis.

Countless number of professional and academic achievements over 67 years of life, including but not limited to: 35 years at Statistics Canada, 3 years at United Nations ESCAP Bangkok, OECD Paris, Canada Fisheries and Oceans and a PhD in Geography from University of Ottawa where he dedicated his expertise and passions for the environment, statistics, ecosystems, economy and of course the ocean to make a difference in this world, inspiring colleagues and friends alike.

He recently took on and had a significant part established a superhero project, The Global Ocean Accounts Partnership which is beginning to transform how countries measure and manage the progress towards sustainable ocean development. This project has been his pride and joy over the past 3 years and we can be confident that his esteemed colleagues will continue this project and carry it out the way Michael dreamed of.

Survived by his loving wife of 31 years, Liswati Seram, and their 3 wonderful children, Mila, Dani and Andi Bordt. Son to Elfriede (Susie) Locke. Younger brother to Roswitha Lipman-Baker and older brother to Martin Bordt, Fritz Bordt and Roswitha Stein. Uncle to Jordan Lipman, Devin Lipman, and all of the loving, extended family in Indonesia and Germany. Michael’s legacy will live on for decades to come in his passions for world citizenship, Ocean preservation, endless intellectualism, tastefully dry and clever humour, his abundance of unconditional support, love and generosity for his family, his warmth, kindness, and his famous height. He’s the gentle genius giant we all needed and deserved. We will forever miss his presence and keep our love for him in our hearts always.

The funeral was held on 7th August and was attended by his family, old friends, and colleagues at the Ottawa Mosque and Ottawa Muslim Cemetery. Special thanks to the Ottawa Muslim Association and the Ottawa Mosque for a beautiful service. Thank you to everyone for the support and love over the past month and to all the esteemed colleagues and organisations who donated the hundreds of trees in our father’s name, our family is forever grateful.

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