About Memorials

A personally customized, permanent memorial will be created for you for a one-time fee of $90.

There is no sign-up, no password required and no annual fee.

The permanent webaddress will have the format “”.

Think of a memorial as a “WikiPage for the rest of us” — a permanent Internet presence for anyone.

This site is highly ranked by search engines – many pages come up first when you type a full name.

Create a memorial on the World Wide Cemetery

Submit your memorial information on this page

You can link memorials of relatives (optional, see bottom of example).

You can merge memorials of partners (optional, see example).

Your memorial can have a link to a map of the physical resting place (optional, see example).

You can submit a site photo and information for display on the visitors page (optional, see example).

You can change your mind within two weeks of the creation of a new memorial and obtain a full refund.

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