How it Works

A personally customized, permanent memorial will be created for you for a one-time fee of $90.

There is no sign-up, no password required and no annual fee.

The permanent webaddress will have the format “”.

We publish memorials in four languages: English, français, Deutsch, italiano.

It is possible to pre-arrange a memorial on the World Wide Cemetery (please contact us below).

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Create a memorial on the World Wide Cemetery

The following is included in your one-time fee

Each custom-made memorial has a (fixed) memorial page and a (changing) visitors’ page.

You may link memorials of relatives (see bottom of example), even merge memorials of partners (example).

Your memorial may have a link to a map of the physical resting place (example).

You may submit a site photo and information for display on the visitors page (example).

We can supply a permanent QR-Code for display at the physical grave (example).

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