Do I need an account (or password) to contribute?

No. We do not use sign-ups or passwords.  The site is freely accessible.

Are there are any recurring fees?

No. A new memorial is created based on a one-time fee of $90.  The long-term existence of the memorial is prepaid with this fee.

Can I add more photos later?

Yes, the visitor’s page and accepts messages and photos.

Can I add music or videos?

No, sorry, we keep it serene, like a real cemetery.

Can I create a memorial in a language other than English?

We publish memorials in four languages: English, français, Deutsch, italiano

Can I create a memorial for a pet?

We love our pets but, at this time, the World Wide Cemetery is for human beings only.

How do you respect privacy?

Completely. We do not track you, we do not share information (say, questions you may have), and we do not spam you.

How do you keep the site free of spam?

We monitor every contribution.

In the future, will you ever have advertisements on this site?

No, we are committed to keeping this site serene.

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