Do I need an account (or password) to contribute?

No. We do not use sign-ups or passwords.  The site is freely accessible.

Are there are any recurring fees?

No. A new memorial is created based on a one-time fee of $90.  The long-term existence of the memorial is prepaid with this fee.

Can I create a memorial in a language other than English?

We publish memorials in six languages: English, français, Deutsch, italiano, español, português.

Can I create a memorial for a pet?

We love our pets but, at this time, the World Wide Cemetery is for human beings only.

How do you respect privacy?

Completely. We do not track you, we do not share information (say, questions you may have), and we do not spam you.

How do you keep the site free of spam?

We monitor every contribution.

In the future, will you ever have advertisements on this site?

No, we are committed to keeping this site serene forever.

How do you ensure that this site will be accessible “forever”?

Nothing is forever of course, but we are the oldest online memorial site in the world, in continuous operation for a quarter of a century, and we put sufficient money into a dedicated bank account to cover hosting costs for 100 years.

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