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On this page you may provide the information required for a new memorial and pay the one-time fee of $90.

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You may submit up to two (2) pictures of your loved one. Additional photos may be added later to the visitors page.

All common file formats accepted. We will use the filenames for the caption; please use, e.g., the year when the picture was taken.

You may also send us instructions at the end of this form.

You may also submit a photo of the physical resting place, grave or urn. We will place this photo on the top of the visitors page.

We will add detailed site information if you indicate it either as filename or in the instructions below. See sample here.


If desired, please include below a short sentence (an epitaph), or a longer text that honours the dead person's memory.

You may want to use the text from an obituary printed in your local newspaper or an eulogy read at the funeral.

There is no set format. Personal messages, formal summaries, and poems are all appropriate.

World Wide Cemetery does quality control and will only publish real and respectful texts.

We suggest 50-500 words (1000 max). We currently accept English, français, Deutsch, italiano, español, português.


If there are already memorials of relatives on the World Wide Cemetery, then please indicate their full names and relationships (for example: sister, step-son, partner, close friend, ...)


Additional instructions and requests

Please pay for your new memorial now ($90, credit, debit or PayPal)

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You can change your mind and ask us to remove the memorial for a full refund (first two-weeks only)