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Royal blue Gentian Flowers

Royal Blue Gentian Flowers

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Bernt Wasa Brauer (

25 May 2015

On the 25th of May, I would like to leave a Bouquet of royal blue Gentian flowers at my fathers Grave Site, As these were his favored Mountain Flowers from his beloved home in Silesia, the Haardthof. I have planted these flowers here in Canada in memory of him as my thoughts drift back in time when he was murdered by Polish robbers. I have recalled it the ‘Shadows of my Youth’ to gain a more objective view of those days.

By recalling the events it helped me see the Demons of that time in a prospective that gave me understanding and empathy for those murderers and the pain they had endured during World War 2.

Thank You, Bernt Wasa Brauer

Donna Bogs (
15 August  2000

What a beautiful way to remember your father and mother! You tell the story so well. In my mind’s eye I could see the violets growing by that wall and the horse’s breath in the cold air as he pulled the sled away. They must have been very wonderful people.
Best Regards;


Robert F. Ruettimann (

14 December 1999

To Bernt V. Brauer:
Your memories of your father and his homeland are most touching. My parents too came from that region of Selesia….the town was named Haselbach (it is now known as Leszczyniec). It was located southeast of Bad Warmbrunn (maybe 20km or so, near Schmiedeberg). In your travels to Hirschberg, had you ever had occassion to visit Haselbach? My mother always talked of her childhood in that beautiful area and her adventures in “climbing the Schneekoppe”….
Regards and Best Wishes,

Robert F. Ruettimann

Alice (

6 October 1999

Dear Mr. Brauer,

You do not know me, but after reading the memorial you posted for your father and mother at the online cemetery page, I felt as though you had reached out and touched a part of me. I felt the need to thank you for allowing me to see just a small part of your parents’ lives. It sounds as if both were very special people and the love felt for them was plain to see.

I have no way of knowing if you are a writer by profession or if perhaps you write as a hobby, but you have a special relationship with words that allows others to feel as if they have walked the path with you, listening to the music provided by a brook heard but unseen.

Thank you,

Karl Brauer (

26 January 1999

Although we never met, you are my grandfather and my thoughts are with you and grandma.

Bernt Brauer (

6 January 1998

I would like to leave flowers for Ernst Wasa Brauer. He believed in the healing power of the Lily of the Valley, specially for the heart.


25 January 1996

A brave and loving heart is always in flower.