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“Karl Brauer” (
20 January, 2002
Love Karl and Dori

“Marcus” (
14 January, 2002
Your great grandson sleeps under a picture that you painted for us many years ago. He will hopefully have some of your talent and passion for painting. I miss you.

karl brauer (
26 January, 1999
Thinking of you Grandma.
Love Karl

“james” (
3 March, 1998
I leave Roses as red as rubies for a women so honored by her children…“and her children rise up and call her blessed.” I share your sorrow for the passing of such a fine spirit, I would have liked to have known her.
Yovonne Bouwel

Diane M. Bishop (
15 June, 1995
What a lovely way to remember someone, by including their artwork. I was deeply moved by both the Brauer memorials.

Tue, 06 Jun 95
Kimberly Schwank,
Subject: Your dear mother (Johanna Brauer)

I enjoyed reading the memorials which you have left for your parents, and can appreciate your love for the south of Germany. I recently was able to visit relatives of mine in Oberstdorf, and fell irretrievably in love with the land and the people. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and the lives of your parents with this American.

Bernt Brauer (
18 December, 1997
I would like to leave flowers at my mother’s and father’s grave, where she is joined by my youngest brother Justus, who has always been close to you and now rests near your place of rest. He was your youngest child and needed you most. Maybe for this reason, God decided to keep him close to you. Bernt Brauer