Isobel Curry MacMillan Christie Tracy ✵ 1932-1973

Isobel Curry MacMillan Christie Tracy

Name at birth:  Isobel Curry MacMillan Christie
Date of birth:  09/10/32
Place of birth:  Glasgow, Scotland
Date of death:  17/01/73
Place of death:  Glasgow, Scotland
Resting place:  Scotland
Submitted by:  Anne Rollins   (



Isobel, my best friend, arrived in the USA by herself when she was 18 years old. I met her at Schrafft’s restaurant chain where we both worked in New York City. She was the extrovert in the friendship and brought out the best in me. She was beautiful, funny and thoughtful (and a great dancer) and was loved by all of us. She loved living in Manhattan. Isobel married Dick Tracy who adored her even though they ultimately divorced. Sometimes in an instant flash I want to pick up the telephone and call her. Hopefully, she’ll get this message in Heaven. Isobel is missed.

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