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09 October, 2013
Happy 81st birthday, Isobel. I’m sure if you were here today, you and I would be having lots of fun. Nevertheless, we will meet again and pick up where we left off in happier days. I love you, dear Isobel.

May 02, 2003
Gillian, if you visit this site, I do hope you contact me. I miss you.
Love, Anne

Auntiana (
09 October, 1999
Although you’re gone 26 years now, and today is your 67th birthday, I think of you often. Did you know that Dick passed away a couple of years ago, was cremated and his ashes strewn over San Francisco Bay? Happy Birthday in Heaven, my dear friend Isobel.

16 January, 1998
Isobel, here it is the anniversary of the eve of your death in 1973. I think of you often and only wish you could have lived longer — you were so vital to this world (and especially to New York!). I do wish your daughter would pay a visit to you and not be mad at me for my choice of words and picture. Maybe one day….
Love, Anne