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16 June, 2006
Like many of our Tosh relatives, our Aunt Chrystal was a true joy to have in our lives. She was an inspiration to all of us through her independence, determination, delightful wit and sense of humor, ever positive outlook on life, and the ability to find joy in everyday experiences. Chrystal always brought a special sense of fun to everything she did. We especially enjoyed the guessing games with the mystery gifts she sent at Christmas. She found purpose and joy in helping others, and told me she thought, “This was the reason I was put on earth.” I have many fond memories of time spent with Chrystal, especially my experiences each summer while I was growing up, during the road trips with Chrystal, Grandma Tosh, and my mother. There were many times, when things did not go as planned and could have been upsetting for everyone, when she turned the situations into humorous and fun experiences. While making this last road trip with Aunt Chrystal, bringing her ashes from Hollywood, California, (via Colorado), to her final resting place in Seneca, Missouri, I was able to recall with great pleasure some of these unique experiences. What a legacy she has left to us–one that we would all do well to strive to make our own. Thank you, Aunt Chrystal, for being such a vital part of our lives.
With love and admiration,
Nancy Spangler

Sara Shackelford (
06 April, 2006
Aunt Chrystal will be missed by all her family and all who ever crossed her path. She was one of a kind. We love you and miss you Aunt Chrystal. We’ll see you again some day.
Leon and Sara Shackelford

“Christina Wilson” (
02 March, 2006
I will always remember Aunt Crystal’s infamous Christmas presents. It was like a crazy guessing game, sometimes ending up with us having to call and get hints. I will also remember her and Mema in the kitchen cooking on Christmas Eve, they were so cute. Aunt Crystal, I love you and I know that you are happy with Mema, Granny Branch (Elizabeth), Uncle Byran, and all the other loved ones who have left us. I am so glad you got to share some of you wonderful life with me, and I will never forget you.
Love always,
Christina L. Wilson