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Adron Knighton Jr (
14 January, 2004
You will always be in my memories, the way you laughed, I can still hear your voice in my head, I will always remember our inside jokes that were shared between me and you, you were more than a friend you were my brother and always will be. Its been 8 years since you left us but it seems like yesterday. I think about you everyday, may your blessed spirit forever watch over me.
your friend always, Slug

Michael Weiss/Colleen Newquist (
4 March, 1998
Out of mere curiosity, I began browsing this site, looking at memorials in Illinois, where I reside. I read your tribute to Dustin, and looked to see who had left flowers. There were none. And there should be. And so I leave these “flowers” for you, Dustin’s family, to let you know that a stranger out here in cyberspace acknowledges your Dustin, and your grief, your sorrow, and your warm memories of the happiness you had. May they comfort you always.
Colleen Newquist
Homewood, IL