Dustin Elliott Kimbrough ✵ 1972-1995

Name at birth:    Dustin Elliott Kimbrough 
Date of birth:    20/08/72 
Place of birth:   Chicago, USA 
Date of death:    21/11/95 
Place of death:   Chicago, USA 
Place of burial:  Oak Woods Cemetery, Old Mausoleum, Chicago, USA

Submitted by: Gloria Jackson (

Your presence lightened up the room, To see you happy made us glad. Your funny ways made us cry with laughter. To see you down made us sad. Your masculine ways made us feel – over protected. To have you as our son/brother, we were never neglected Your touch was that of a cuddly teddy bear to have you around, we had nothing to fear. Now all we have left are the wonderful memories of you and we know that your spirit is watching over us too. So we will remember you as the strong person you were, and keep you in our hearts as our loving Dustin.

Always, Mom, Nikki and Dana.

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