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06 July, 2000
I leave a bouquet of 50 sunflowers for Derek Smith…so young, so much unfinished. I did not have the privilege of knowing this young man, this mother’s son, this children’s father, I only know the loss felt by mother and children…as I am a mother whose daughter graces the golden halls of heaven with Derek. She left two children behind. My heart is so heavy and sad. Enjoy your well deserved heavenly rewards Derek and my daughter..we will be together again…peace

“diana ross” (
26 July, 1999

Debbie Hawkey (
Hi Derek..:-)
It’s only been alittle over a month since you left us! We are all coping alittle better but we sure do miss you. Dominic and Cody miss you very much. They talk about you alot… although I don’t get to see them too much anymore. I did see them for a minute the other day and they are getting bigger, I looked at Cody… and he reminded me of you so much. I have your picture setting on my end table in my living room… I look at you everyday and sometimes I sit in my chair and talk to ya! I can only hope that you can hear me.:-)
Your mom and my mom are doing better as well. This really tore them up… as it did all of us! When you were in the hospital, we prayed for you so hard… to fight.. and to get well… I guess you were too happy where you were to come back to us. We can’t blame you for that… I’m sure you are happier now than you have ever been in your whole life!!!
I should go now, kids want to go swimming!!! lol Derek, I am soo sorry this happened to you… it should have happened to someone else… if it had to happen at all. Just know that your family dearly loves you and misses you very much!!! I will write more again… keep you updated.. lol of all the exciting happenings in Sidney, Ohio.. 🙂 Till then!!!