Derek Lee Smith ✵ 1973-1999

Derek Lee Smith

Name at birth:  Derek Lee Smith
Date of birth:  May 9, 1973
Place of birth:  Sidney, Ohio US
Date of death:  June 2, 1999
Place of death:  Sidney, Ohio US
Resting place:  Graceland Cemetary, Sidney, Ohio US
Submitted by:  Deborah Hawkey   (



Derek was my cousin…more like my brother! We were close friends too. He was always there when I needed help. Derek would help anyone if he could. Anyone that knew him will tell you what a great guy he was…very polite, caring man…he was a very hard worker…very dependable!!!
He loved motorcycles, as we all know, hunting, fishing and being with his friends and family.
The two most important people in his life were his two boys, Dominic and Cody!!!! They are still so young…but we will keep Derek alive to them. They loved their daddy very much….as he loved them with all his heart!!!!
The one thing that Derek always searched for … but was unable to find…was true happiness!!! Derek and I had so many conversations about it…you have to make your own happiness…it doesnt get handed to you!
That’s the one thing I regret about God taking him too soon… He deserved a chance at true happiness on this earth as much as the rest of us do!! I do believe he has found true happiness now… Looking down on all of us..:-) Playing in the clouds……watching over his two babies!!! It hasn’t been that long since he left us. I still think about him every day. I laugh… then I cry!!! I Love you Derek….and I miss you so much!!!!
Your friend and cousin always!!

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