Victor Joseph Bombardieri ✵ 1962-1993

Victor Joseph Bombardieri

Name at birth:  Victor Joseph Bombardieri
Date of birth:  08 03 1962
Place of birth:  Toronto, Canada
Date of death:  29 07 1993
Place of death:  Toronto
Resting place:  Toronto
Submitted by:  Michael Kibbee (deceased)



Victor was a man of quiet sensitivity and warmth who engendered admiration, love and an appreciation of life’s simpler pleasures in those who knew him well. He worked as a bartender in Toronto at a neighbourhood bar called Woody’s where his quick smile made him popular with fellow staff and bar patrons alike. His favorite pastimes were baseball, hockey and his cat. Victor was himself an excellent ball player and sportsman and is missed by many from the Cabagetown Group Softball league where he was an active participant and organizer. I only found out after Victor’s death what an inspiration and motivator he was to so many other players over the years.

Victor Joseph Bombardieri




Victor died in Casey House Hospice of complications from AIDS. Dearly cherished by family and friends, we take comfort in the memories of the good times we shared with Victor. Beloved son of Donna and Dominic, and brother of Chuck, Tony, Steve and Michael. Loved also by partner Mike and friends, Keoni, John, Ron and Richard.

While all the gods are blessed, Love—be it said in all reverance— is the blessedest of all, for he is the loveliest and the best.


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