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“Todd” (
11 December, 1999
Although we have never met this was left out of respect. It has been way too long since flowers have been left but I am proof now that your life here on earth has been and is still effecting the living on this planet.
To those who come to see,
who here in grave is laid,
death is your lot,
forget it not,
a debt that must be paid.

Victor A. Bombardieri (
Mon, 23 Sep 1996

I am sorry you have died. My name is Victor Bombardieri too. My family came from Tirano Italy but has been in California for about 70 years. I like baseball and playing with my friends too.

God Bless You.
Victor A. Bombardieri

Laraine Colwell (
Wed, 17 Jul 96


I may have nevr met you or spoken to you, but your monument has truly touched me. Too many people have died young. Many of them I would have known. I hope you are happy with God now and will forever rest peacefully. You seemed like you were a very caring and kind young many.

Laraine Colwell

Michael Kibbee (
Sun, 7 Apr 1996

Victor, almost three years has passed since you’ve died, and as my own life draws to a close, I know I will never meet anyone that I will love the way in which I loved you. You were my soul-mate and my other half. I will miss you, and love you, until the day I die.

Jeff M. Kovalchik (
Fri, 20 Oct 95

I am sending flowers in memory of Victor and those who died of AIDS.

David Janse (
Tue, 10 Oct 95


May God bless and keep you, You believed in life, and expected nor wanted anything in return. I think often of living life like you did and for some reason cannot find the courage to do so… May your family be proud of what you stood for, may the they realize that you knew what you wanted. May they understand that you had the secret key, may they know that you were happy. May they someday understand that no one controls there own destany but those who believe in it…. Thanks for believing in yourself and in life the way you thought it should be… May the angels of God place thier wings upon you. May you show the rest of the world that things can be simple, if you only BELIEVE in yourself.

To the parents of Victor, I say that you had a very Loving, Caring Son, one you will never forget what it means to live life like it should be, one who knows that things will be tough, but who know’s that the good things in life don’t come easy….

Immagini Interattive (
Thu, 28 Sep 95

flowers for Bombardieri_V.J

Peter Faase (
Sun, 25 Jun 95

You were too young to die on a disease we can’t control.