Tony Ruffer ✵ 1970-1995

Name at birth:    Anthony Andreas Ruffer 
Date of birth:    25/07/70   
Place of birth:   New Westminster, BC. Canada 
Date of death:    21/08/1995 
Place of death:   White Rock, BC, Canada 
Place of burial:  Tony was cremated in White Rock, BC.
                  His ashes were placed in the ocean.

Submitted by: Angela and Petra Ruffer (

Requiem For Tony

Although we mourn his passing
Let us celebrate his life, Remembering all the good times
Of which his years were rife.

He had not an enemy,
For he made of each a friend,
He was a young free spirit,
Let not his memory end.

He so loved the great outdoors,
The high mountains and the seas,
His life shall be remembered
In the waves and in the trees.

And now we here are gathered
On the constant rolling sea
To let the winds and waves he loved
Care for him in eternity.

For Angela, Horst and Petra.
Tony, my Son we miss you so deeply, every day. forever Mom.
You are forever missed by: your Mom, your Dad, Your Sister Petra; Your Oma Hartl, und Oma Ruffer, Your Tante Beate, Tante Mary, Tante Sonya, Tante Ursula, Tante Irene, Onkel Richard, Onkel Otto, Onkel Franz, Onkel Heinz, Onkel Peter Ruffer, onkel Peter Kaufman, Cousin Rick, Cousin Heidi, Cousin Tina, Cousin Richy, Cousin Tommy, Cousin Chad and Cousin Ina.

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