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“tomsuesummy” (
31 July, 1999
These are the first Flowers I have ever left in the Cemetery. I was browsing through and read the sweet Memorial from your Family, Anthony….I also noticed that there were no Flowers for you. That gave me a hauntingly sad feeling. And so I leave Flowers and Love for you Anthony. You died so young. That’s what brought me to you….your youth…I have a son named Anthony too, he’s going to be 34 yrs old tomorrow. I nearly lost him in 1989 from a near fatal drug overdose. He didn’t die, but he is permanently brain damaged and once more he is my “little boy”…. I thank God that He spared his life. My heart goes out to your family, Anthony…How they must long for you….your strong arms to hold them just one more time….just the sound of your sweet voice one more time… hear your laughter one more time…. O, the things that we ponder in our hearts after we’ve lost a loved one…. We re-live our lives with them over and over again……never wanting it to end anymore… Your dear young life was so worthwhile….I don’t know how you died…but it really doesn’t matter….we all love you. Please know, dear Anthony, that your short life had purpose and meaning….and it will go on having purpose and meaning…for every life, however short or long was meant to be in God’s Great Scheme of Things… Your death has affected me….I am diminished some because you are no longer here….because there is a family and friends who miss you so….and that affects me. That God chose to give you life is the Greatest Honor or all…I’m sure you tried to live your life in such a way as to bring love and caring to others around you. Your life means something to me, Anthony. Fifteen months ago my little 21 month old Grandson, Andrew, was killed by a car running over him. His short little life has touched me in a way that no other has. Because of him, Anthony, I have learned to value life….to treasure it….for life is very fragile and we don’t know how long we have. So it is my gift to Andrew and to you, my young friend, to live my life with intensity and passion and unselfish love for everyone around me. If you see my little Andrew….will you run and play with him??….Will you roll down hills with him and let him climb up into your lap and love you…..? For Andrew loved everyone. May you rest now in peace….The Peace that only God can give….He loves you and He is taking care of your family. They are in my prayers….. Rock Baby Andrew to sleep tonite, Anthony, for he has a lot of love to give you….May God Bless you and your Precious Family…and I, too, send you my Love…. Held By God’s Love and Grace… Susan Summy