Robert M. Daly ✵ 1960-1998

Robert M. Daly 1960-98 -3

Name at birth:  Robert M. Daly
Date of birth:  7/19/1960
Place of birth:  Winchester, Massachusetts
Date of death:  5/12/1998
Place of death:  Palm Coast, Florida
Resting place:  Stonewall Memorial Gardens, Manassas, VA
Submitted by:  Ron & Kay Daly (


Rob was a loving Father, son and brother. He died showing more concern for others than he did Robert M. Dalyfor himself. He did not want to be fussed or hovered over. He just wanted everyone to take care of themselves. He said he was secure with God and that he was ready. He tried to make everyone happy and would help those that were in need. He did not like to hear anyone putting someone else down and would say so or leave the room. Rob will be missed physically, but will be with us in our hearts.
Ron and Kay Daly

Robert M. Daly 1960-98 -2







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