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03 October, 1999
Robert M. Daly You have the hope that one day you will see him again once you intrust your life with God. It certainly seems he was well grounded and of a good heart. He is seal for God. God Bless you

“rondaly” (
18 May, 1999
Rob spent two summers working at the Manassas Battlefield while attending Stonewall Jackson High School. We thought that we would return him to a place where he enjoyed life. On April 24, 1999, we held a small memorial service for Rob and interred his ashes in a niche at the Stonewall Memory Gardens, Manassas, VA. About 15 people attended, most of which were his friends from the Manassas area. A poem from Scott Ginsberg was read in the Chapel followed by a reading of “The Next Place” written by Warren Hanson and a reading of “His Journey’s Just Begun” written by Ellen Brenneman. The group moved outside to the niche and everyone recited the Twenty-third Paslm as we placed Rob’s ashes in his final resting place.
Visitors can find the Stonewall Memory Gardens by exiting off Route I-66 west onto State Road 234 in Manassas, VA. About one mile and 1/2, turn left onto Route US29, Lee Highway. As you proceed slowly south on Lee Highway, you will be in the center of the Manassas Battlefield. After passing Route 622 on the right, you will be in the middle of the Confederate battle positions. Continuing a little further, you will reach Stonewall Memory Gardens on the right. It looks just like the rest of the park with flowers, trees and a pond with wild and domesticate geese. The niche is in a mausoleum on the far south of the cemetery and faces onto Lee Highway. If you have time, you may want to visit the rest of the Manassas Battlefield, which is cared for by the National Park Service.
Ron and Kay Daly

Edith A Santana (
10 October, 1998
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I can relate to how hard it is to lose a husband and father. My husband, Joseph Anthony Santana, passed away on May 27, 1996, the same day that our twin daughters turned 8 months old. I live everyday remembering the pride that he showed in his daughters and how much of their lives that he is now missing. At one time I was ready to go and join him and end this terrible pain that I go through. I often asked mysef: how could God take someone so young, so vital someone only 32 years old? But, then I realized that there would be no answers to the problems in ending my life. Only now, as time has gone on, do I feel myself awakening to live again. Please remember that when times get hard and you feel as though there is no hope, that your Robert is in Heaven watching over you and is smiling down on you. He will be with you forever!!!!
An understanding heart,
Edith Santana

Gary Peurifoy (
01 June, 1998
Thank you for reminding us of just how precious life is. As difficult as it is to deal with serious illness, you made us all take a second glance at our lives and our priorities. We will have happy memories of your life as we remember you.

Marty Bland (
30 May, 1998
Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Daly — This is Wanda Peterson and I am sending flowers on behalf of all the Bland’s. We are so fortunate to have known and loved Robbie! What a totally cool guy! You both did a wonderful job raising him and sending him down the right path. We all want you to know how much we admire his kind spirit and his determination. I don’t think I ever saw him in a bad mood and will always remember how his smile lit up a room! You must know that he is in heaven looking over his beautiful son and daughter and that everything is okay with him now! We are sorry for your loss and hope that you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Dave Smalley (
30 May, 1998
You and I did alot of fun and cool things Rob….and I will not forget them. You were a fine young man, and will be missed by all who knew you. Maybe some day I will be fortunate enough to see you again.

Unique Realty (
30 May, 1998
Rob there were so many great talks and walks we had together. I will never forget you and all the courage you showed me throughout your battle. You and my Dad will always be heroes to me. I wished that I could have had been there to help you and whisper to you how much you meant to me in the short time that we shared together but you already knew that! Thank you for all your cares and hugs. I will never forget our laughs and cry.

W.O. Thomas (
20 May, 1998
Rob was a unique person in that he seemed to like people, period. His presence at the center will be greatly missed. His honesty, independence, and warmth are what I’ll remember most about him. God Bless. W.O. Thomas

Rick Daly (
19 May, 1998
Thanks for all the wonderful memories. I’ll cherish them always. I also need to thank you for all you taught me, especially the most difficult lesson of all “that life is short.” I’ll no longer sweat the small stuff. I love and miss you, Rick

Bill Sisk (
19 May, 1998
Flowers bring color, joy and life to the place one finds them. So did you, Rob. We will miss you.
Your Pal,
Bill Sisk

rondaly (
16 May, 1998
We will always remember you and carry you in our hearts.
Mom and Dad