Raymond Jonathan Gray ✵ 1943-1984

Raymond Jonathan Gray

Name at birth:  Raymond Jonathan Gray
Date of birth:  08/11/43
Place of birth:  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Date of death:  22/04/84
Place of death:  Manhattan, USA
Resting place:  Holy Cross Cemetery, Los Angeles
Submitted by:  Herb Spiers (



He was a decorator. His loft in Manhattan was a blend of the exotic and the comfortable. He knew how to use space. He said he made things pretty.

He was a painter. His canvasses were neo-Fauvian. He died before he had a show.

He was debonair. He loved his friends. They loved him. He was handsome and kind. His goodwill and humor distinguished him. He loved to dance.

He had a marvelous dog, Maribou, who is buried with him in Holy Cross Cemetary on Slauson Street in LA. Maribou too was a star in her own right. They were a perfect pair. She got invited to the parties he didn’t. She’d always bring him along. Like him she was gracious.

I was his lover for six years. He died in my arms. I told him then that I would always love him and never forget him. I miss him. But we didn’t have to be lovers, so I’m content with the fact that we met, fell in love and spent a half-dozen zany years together.

He loved to shop flea markets, merching. I guess if there are other parallel universes he might be merching in one of them right now.

Herb Spiers
April 28, 1996


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