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04 January, 2008
Miss you all the time. Hope your having fun in heaven. We’ll love you & miss always. Amie
05 August, 2004
Hi Zeb,
Sorry it’s been so long. I haven’t forgotten you. Still wishing I could see your face again. I sure do miss that smile. You are forever in our hearts. Tell we meet again my friend. Me

24 April, 2002
It’s spring again, I didn’t leave you a birthday wish, you were not forgotten. Happy 27th. Another year has almost passed since your accident. I think of you every day and still wish you were here. You’re in our hearts forever. All our love, Kathy, Jack, Amie, John & Matt

27 December, 2001
Another Christmas without you has come & gone and a new year is almost upon us. We all miss you and hold you close to our hearts. All our love K, J, A, J, & M

20 February, 2001
Yesterday was your birthday, wish you were still with us! We miss you. Happy 26th to you. Love from all of us.
07 August, 2000
someone out there cares I’m sending one up for you

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16 April, 2000
My heart goes out ot you in your grief.
30 December, 2000
Another Christmas has come & gone and the new year is almost here. You are missed by many and thought of often. I miss your face. All Our Love Kathy

02 May, 2000
It is one year ago today that we lost you. My heart still aches from the terrible memory of that day. You are very much in our thoughts today and every day. We pray that you are happy where you are now and know that one day we will see you again. We miss you terribly. All our love, Kathy, Jack, Matt, Amie & John

18 February, 2000
It’s your Birthday tomorrow, and even though your gone from our sight you are very much still in our hearts. We miss you very much. All our love, K, J, A, J, & M Happy 25th to you

24 December, 1999
It’s Christmas now, we all miss you and think of you often.
All Our Love,
K, & J

06 September, 1999
The summer just wasn’t the same without you. We all miss you very much. All our love,
K, M, J, & A

05 July, 1999
I still miss you every day.
Love always