Michael Lee Dodd ✵ 1961-1989

Michael Lee Dodd

Name at birth:  Michael Lee Dodd
Date of birth:  June 4, 1961
Place of birth:  Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Date of death:  August 15, 1989
Place of death:  Arvin, California
Resting place:  Arvin Cemetery
Submitted by:  Harry L. Dodd  (




I have stood at the ocean’s edge, seeking that which man has sought through the breaking waves of time. I have walked through the silent dense forests speaking with my brother the animal.

I have gone to the far place in minutes, where it took my father days to travel, nay, years. I have been lost in the love of a woman’s passion, seeming to not return the same as when I left.

I have spoken to such Gods as have revealed themselves and communed with spirits having taken earthly shapes. I have known a good era as it was upon me, passing into but a memory from which I drew sustenance.

I have poured my best into my children, knowing it was not good enough. I have ridden the notes of songs in the vast expanse of mental space.

I have seen the depths of sound wash over my soul as I asked unanswerable questions. I have died, only to return unwillingly to a place I never meant to enter.

I have been an abandoned soul on a windswept mountain top and have exalted in feelings no other human dares to remember.

I was, I am, I will to be a wizard molded by knowledge, an enchanter shaped by skill, a magician by my own choice, a sorcerer guided by the mysteries of life. I am all of these and more…

I am your father.

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