Marie Cecila Waters ✵ 1920-1994

Name at birth:    Marie Cecila Elizabeth Loughlin  
Date of birth:    25 January 1920 
Place of birth:   Keysville, New York
Date of death:    14 December 1994 
Place of death:   San Diego, USA 
Place of burial:  Highland Cemetery, South Bend, Indiana USA

Submitted by: Judith Marie Dodd (

Our Mother, Marie Cecila Elizabeth Loughlin, Kochendofer, Waters, whom we loved dearly, who was the Matriarch of the Loughlin Clan; including being the first born of 10, and gave life to 5 children, and is grandmother to 11 and great-grandmother to 7. Thank you for this oportunity to express this, and a place to visit her when I need to feel in touch with her spirt.

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