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“Lou” (
26 November, 2004
Dont hit me baby, it wasnt me really, I know your B was the PCs fault…lol Have I ever Forgot your B Day?.. Well there was that one time?…nooooooo….lol Its Great we can still laugh together even though you are in Heaven my Angel. How do I go each day without you in my life I will never know. I will have to say it is you that makes me get through every day. Especially the holidays(((sigh))) I love you and miss you so much. Untill next time I can get the courage to write. Your husband Lou

18 November, 2004
I would like to leave flowers for you my darling wife. Today was your B-Day. I didn’t need this day to be thinking of you. You are on my mind every min of everyday. I still mourn for you. But you bring a smile to my face still the same. You are in my mind and in my heart always and forever. Your husband for eternity, Lou
28 March, 2000
I would like to leave flowers at the monument of Waller, Jacqueline S. who passed away May 7, 1997. I would also like to leave these few words: Jackie, I never met you but feel like I’ve known you for a long time. You were a truly special unforgettable person and I would like to honor you for that. And for all the love you shared with those we love today. You will never be forgotten. Grace
11 May, 1999
Another year has come and gone. I was the younger, now I’m getting older. I think that might give you a good laugh. The two children we were and the grown up friends will always be in my heart. Someday I’ll walk down that hallway and through that door of Light that you crossed over two years ago. I know without a doubt that you’ll be waiting and smiling and ready to say “Lets talk”, or “Remember when,,,,,,” Your boys are growing good Jackie. You did a super job. They’ve become men who have learned to fit inside their own skin–and that’s somethng only a mother can teach. I hold you in my heart now and forever my playmate, teenage bud, and woman grown friend. Love, Peggy

pj flowers (>)
01 December, 1998
In life there is death.
Through death, your spirit has blessed me, Jackie.
In dying there is life forevermore.
….PJ Flowers, Albuquerque, NM

Djon50 (
13 May, 1998
One year ago, a beautiful person went to a wonderful place of light and sunshine. We played as chidren, giggled as teens, and then lost each other for a while. We had only begun to know the grown up women that grew from those two laughing children, when you left. Know Jackie, that you were loved then, and will be loved and carried inside my heart for all of my life. Send me some sunshine when you get a chance, OK?