Kristen Gove Crowley ✵ 1968-1996

Kristen Gove Crowley

Name at birth:  Kristen Suzanne Gove
Date of birth:  12 June 1968
Place of birth:  Lynn, Massachusetts, USA
Date of death:  02 June 1996
Place of death:  Peabody, Massachusetts
Resting place:  Ceder Hill Cemetery, Peabody, MA
Submitted by:  Susan Gove    (



To my daughter, Kristen, who was my best friend.Kristen Gove Crowley
You will live through me forever.

What a sad state of affairs, what a sorry world,
That death would come because you’re a pretty girl.

There was no reason for you to die
and now we are left to wonder why.

Kristen Gove CrowleyIt’s too bad it takes sorrow and pain
to bring people together again.

But Kristen, you are the one who has united us tonight,
And together we’ll stand to persevere your fight.

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Robert Marshall Hall ✵ 1936-1995 (friend)