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Jaumé Rivell (
13 June, 2002
What a dear soul is Mr. Crowley. I did not know him but reading about him has warmed my heart and inspired me. I have printed out his life story from this web-site and I carry it with me. I read it frequently , smiling warmly, often with a tear in my eye, and I send up a prayer to dear Mr. Crowley. I try to do an act of kindness each day in his honor. What an inspiration he should be to us all. Now this was a truly great man! God bless you Mr. Crowley! Jaumé Rivell Va Beach, VA
09 March, 2002
What a beautiful soul. Even though I never met him, and he died a month after my own birth, in a different country, I feel enriched just having read this obituary. God bless.
19 May, 2001

“Donna Bogs” (
15 August, 2000
What a nice man. It sounds like he was the very soul of human kindness and a fine example of what people should do and be. I never met him and am sorry I didn’t.

“Tom and Mary LeClerc” (
21 January, 2000
What a beauty story of a life lived with such unselfishness and true wisdom to know the difference between those things that matter and those that are of no consequence. Wouldn’t this world be a place of peace and beauty if all could live this kind of life? Thank you for sharing this example.

“nrenfro” (
21 October, 1999
I bring one red rose and one gardenia to put at your monument. Both are fresh cut and their fragrance is so sweet. I close my eyes and smell their fragrance and I am taken back to the Sunday mornings you would pick me up to take me to Sunday School…and always, when they were in season, you would bring one of each from your flower garden for me to wear on my dress when I was just a small child. Both flowers and memories will always be special to me, as you were…and are. I still love you, Candy

21 October, 1999
I’d roll my eyes for you always “Big Geddie”. I love you.
Rebecca Lynn