Joshua John Turville ✵ 1975-1996

Name at birth:    Joshua John Turville 
Date of birth:    11/25/1975 
Place of birth:   Santa Ana, CA USA 
Date of death:    09/24/1996 
Place of death:   Bayfield, CO  USA 
Place of burial:  Fairhaven Memorial Park & Morturary

Submitted by: Steven Turville (

God has belssed me w/life eternal! What a wonderful
privilege it is to be used by God. I pray that I may never
hinder God’s witness through my life but always progress it.
God is my stength when I am weak, oh and He is the treasure
that I seek! PRAISE THE LORD, for He is greatly to be
praised! My God is everything in One – My strength, my
creator, my savior, my father, my encourager, my King, and
He is my friend.
He does all that and still spends time/me AMAZING.

Josh’s Diary Entry – July 25, 1995

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