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13 April, 2007
To Tatiana:
I thank you for your brief but extraordinary existanceon this earth. Because you were here, my life has been forever graced with the beauty of your music, and your soul. My life has been divided into two chapters; before I ever heard you sing, and after. Thank You and God Bless You. I love you forever.
25 August, 2003
I send these flowers on tomb of Tatiana Troyanos. I grieve together her other admirers and I pray for her. Anne Gulaeva

Kenneth Wolman (
05 October, 2000
Inestimable Santuzza… Octavian… Giulietta… singer of songs… shall we gather by the river? You are still greatly missed.

“ooper” (
14 August, 1998
Dear dear dear Tatiana,
You are the Gooddess and we are Your real followers… Per meritare la mia fine, ci sei Tu… Aspettami se lo merito!
We miss You so so so so so much!
Külli Tomingas
Toomas Kaldaru

Ruth C. Jacobs (
29 November, 1997
For Tatiana Troyanos, in memory of the many moments my late Mother and I shared while listening to her perform as Poppea in San Francisco.

Mrs. Michelle C. Ayers (
Thue, 17 Sep 1996
I leave you flower and keep you in my thoughts when I listen to opera.