Joseph Howard Batton ✵ 1962-1996

Name at birth:    Joseph Howard Batton 
Date of birth:    05 Nov 1962 
Place of birth:   Jackson, Ms   USA 
Date of death:    12 Oct 1996 
Place of death:   Pearl, Ms  USA 
Place of burial:  Floral Hills Memorial Park, Pearl, Ms  USA

Submitted by: Linda Mason (

When Someone you love becomes a memory, The Memory becomes a treasure.

Joe, my friend, no longer here.
No longer suffering, no longer in fear.
Did I ever tell you, you saved me?
gave me your friendship so freely.
Can’t repay that debt to you,
owe you so much, what can I do?
Too soon gone, but I won’t cry.
I’ll reminisce as days go by,
your laugh, your smile, your quirky ways.
These memories brighten the harder days.
Questions surface but I push them back.
You had your reasons for your final act.

I’s only fitting that a man who embraced life wholeheartedly
should have a place in the World Wide Cemetery. We love and miss
you our friend.

Linda Mason has created a site in honor of Joe’s memory.

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