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denise m batton (
26 August, 2000
Hello Family and Friends of Joseph Batton,
It is very ironic that I stumbled upon this message about Joseph. I was looking up my last name to see if there were any listings. I was looking because I was feeling very down and thought I would see if there were family members out there that I didn’t know. I am so sorry to hear about Joseph Batton and his untimely passing. It sounds as if he was a very special person to many. My great grandfather’s name was Joseph Batton and I was wondering if we have any family ties in our background. Please e-mail me back if you so choose. If not I understand and still send my warmest heartfelt caring about your loss. Dr. Denise Batton

B Laramee (
26 February, 1999
Linda-I can barely see what I am typing through my tears. What a wonderful friend you are and were to Joseph. I’m dealing with my own pain of losing my Mother, but thankfully I had her for 69 years. Your friendship ended far to soon. I am truly touched by all you’ve done. Please know that you were thought of today, fondly.

Linda Mason (
31 July 1997

Joe, I miss you terribly. Saw a Guy who looked so much like you I almost made a fool out of myself. Love, Linda

“Michael Brown” (
2 November, 1997
Dear Linda:
My mother has recently purchased a computer. She’s been compulsive ever since she has discovered all the new programs it has given her. I caught her crying today when I came home from working. She read your web site to Joe. I myself was touched. I had a friend of mine die of drugs. And actually he was the last person we thought would die of anything. He was very loving, very happy go lucky. We weren’t aware he took any drugs. For him the first time was the last. I am sorry to hear about your dear friend. He sounded like a wonderful person. In fact, I felt that he was, by all the effort and compassion you have shown through your web site. It sounds like you yourself are a wonderful person. My mother and I both agree that this is a wonderful way to help the grieving process when someone you love dies. And a way to reach out to someone who thinks about committing suicide, or using drugs, or helping someone who dies of a disease, or dies of accidental deaths. We thank you personally for loving someone so much and caring about helping others through your painful experience. I am sure god feels the same way, as well as Joe.
Sharon (52) and Rebecca (21)