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P. A. Ross Costantini (
01 January, 1999
A beautiful and loving tribute to an exceptional man. I am researching my Ross relatives who settled in VT after the Revolutionary War. One brother went to Ohio. Do you know anything about Mr. Ross’s ancestors?
Thu, 28 Mar 1996

I was interested to see if anyone was listed from Wayne Co. I grew up in Orrville and lived in Wooster for a period of time. While I did not know Mr. Ross he obviously contributed much to the community. It is wonderful to find a portrait of such a fine man to represent the Wooster Community.

Lena Peters (
Sun, 04 Feb 1996

My grandmother’s maiden name was Ross and I have researched many of the Ross families in the United States. I’m always interested in visiting another Ross family. From the Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas Ross decendants, our sympathies in your loss of your grandfather. What a wonderful memory he has left to you!!!

Sergio Mannheimer,
Sun, 22 Oct 95

Rest in peace. May god bless all your descendents.
signed: The Mannheimers. Brazil.

“E. Mitchell”,
Wed, 18 Oct 95

May his crown shine brightly in the firmament of heaven.

david carr,
Tue, 17 Nov 95

I enjoyed reading your eulogy. Mr, Ross had a full and happy life, and a wonderful family.

Rest in Peace,