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10 March, 2003
i would like to leave the prettist white roses for Tracy Christina Allen, i truly believe she is flying high with the angels. my heart goes out to her family and her children. I talked with her mother Norma a few years back, And we lost touch with one another So Norma if you see this my new email address is From Ohio I now live near Paris Texas so get in touch my dear friend.

“gemille and jim tuthill” (
13 October, 2001
such beautiful word from mom. I too lost a loved one to cancer. gemille tuthill

“Carl Carlson” (
14 May, 2001
Tulips for Tracy & may God richly bless your family. Your memorial is so touching. …such a strong, courageous lady who gave so much love. And you’re right, now she’s making her mark on heaven. Hugs to your family. p.s. to family – this will be difficult to believe, but I was reading memorials because I lost my mom in Dec., 2000. I was sooo touched by Tracy’s mom’s words and by her struggle & strength, because my mother too led a difficult life and spent her life giving to & and loving others. Anyway, I was boo hooing after reading your story and then realized that Tracy was from Paris, that her maiden name was Renfro & that she has a sister named Becky. I think I went to school with Becky, if she graduated in ’85. I also spent time with Becky and her little sister helping w/ Becky’s paper route. …Small world. If it’s the same Becky, pls. have her email me @ My heart goes out to you.

“Connie Renae Stringfellow” (
15 March, 2001
A beautiful tribute to an obviously beautiful person. May God bless your family.

Anita Carr (
28 April, 2000
I am leaving flowers for Tracy because I have also lost a daughter to cancer. Flowers from Anita in Sandisfield Massachusetts in the USA

26 April, 2000
Your mother’s letter moved me to tears, my heart goes out to your entire family. God Bless you and give you strength.

“Tom and Mary LeClerc” (
21 January, 2000
What an inspiration you have been for those who knew you and also for others like me who did not know you personally but read your story and receive a reminder of God’s grace in our lives. May you dwell in his light forever.
04 November, 1999
Christina, as I read the monument in your honor, I can feel the love you left in the world. I hope I am as lucky as you to have so many feel such love. I am sorry for the pain you and your family had to endure during your illness. I am sure you are a beautiful angel with glittering white wings and I picture you helping others with similar illnesses leave this world for a better place. You will lead them well. God Bless you and I know you are watching out for your babies and will watch them grow with much pride though you are not on this physical earth. Say hello to my father, he’s a tall man with beautiful eyes and a huge heart that left me too soon in my life at age 7. This monument is a beautiful way for you to be remembered and for your children to read once they are old enough to understand. I send to you a dozen yellow roses as they were also my father’s favorite flowers. With love and prayers, Marilyn Keen

Paul Jeffs (
06 September, 1999
I didn’t know you, but I hope that you are in peace now. Flowers from Australia….

“nrenfro” (
11 May, 1999
My sister, my friend. I love you now, I love you always. love, Becky

“J. R. Toppings” (
09 May, 1999
To: Allen TC
From: John Patrick Toppings
I will always love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Mary Kearby” (
06 May, 1999
We will always miss you,
Jim & Mary (Renfro) Kearby

“nrenfro” (
03 May, 1999
Today I leave flowers for Tracy…I leave tulips of every color of the rainbow, because she loved them…And I leave Gardenias, because I do, for their wonderful fragrance and the symbol of love they have for me…from a childhood memory. I also leave a note for her and perhaps for myself as well, tucked among the flowers so that it just barely shows among all of the fragrant colors… It says… “To My Daughter… The sweetest memories I have in this world… Are ones I have of my little girl… Those things in my heart can never disappear… Somehow my memories just keep you here… You are everything I ever… Wanted you to be…. And you mean so much to your family and me… I wish the world had the memories I do… Sweet memories of a daughter… Just like you… Mama”

“Arthur Jackson” (
03 May, 1999