Tracy Christina Allen ✵ 1970-1998

Tracy Christina Allen

Name at birth:  Tracy Christina Renfro
Date of birth:  10 May 1970
Place of birth:  Paris, Texas USA
Date of death:  09 January 1998
Place of death:  Paris, Texas USA
Resting place:  Providence Cemetery Paris, Texas USA
Submitted by:  Norma Renfro (








Tracy Christina was the youngest child of Robert and Norma (Jackson)Renfro. She leaves behind a brother Eddie Renfro and a sister Rebecca (Renfro) Boatwright. Also, two half sisters, Roxanne Renfro and Robbie Kay (Renfro) Salmon, all of Texas. Tracy also leaves two precious young sons, Mathew Joseph Allen and Justin Lee Allen. They were only 9 and 12 years old when God called her home. Tracy also leaves one heartbroken Mother, Norma Renfro, who feels as if her life ended the day her daughter died at only 27 years of age. I feel as if Tracy was never meant to live to be old. She was a warm-hearted, sincere, loving person. Her personality was outgoing, outstanding and unforgetable. Her laugh and sense of humor alone made it worthwhile, just to know her. She was a hard worker, making the living for her family. In spite of her physical problems from a motorcycle accident when she was only 14, in which she broke both legs, one arm, and pelvis, and had steel pins in both legs, she held down a fulltime job that she had to stand on her feet all day, with a bone growing through the bottom of one of her feet. She was clerk and manager of a convenience store and was robbed at gunpoint twice, and both times, was back at work the very next day. She had a hard life, for it to be such a short one. Everything she owned was burned in a fire as it was being moved. All was lost, even the truck and trailer. Tracy worked at one job for four years, without missing one day of work. She suffered a miscarriage with her third baby. She had every reason to see life as nothing but heartache. She had very little in the way of material things, never having a nice home and pretty things to decorate with. She had such few clothes, that they were carried out on one arm, from the closet. All this wasn’t enough….then to fight the long hard battle with cancer. She went through the radiation, the chemotherapy, the surgeries, the tests, the exams, hundreds of medications,and yet never gave in to it. She believed in God and also in miracles. She believed to the last day of her life, that God would send a miracle. I believe that He did, in His own way. I believe that he rescued her from the life that she had. He didn’t answer our prayers as we asked him to, but He took Tracy home with him where she would be well, and safe and never have to worry again. She is walking without steel pins now, and singing in that beautiful voice with other angels. If she managed to always be uplifting and cheerful and hopeful and loving here, in the midst of all she had to endure, I can only imagine how happy she is now that she is in God’s great kingdom. I don’t wish her away from the Heavenly Home she is living in now, and yet I wonder how we can go on without her presence here. On some of my better days, when I’m not crying, I wonder if maybe she wasn’t my daughter at all… Maybe she was really an angel, just pretending to be Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend… Maybe God sent her here for a short period of time to teach the ones of us that knew and loved her so many lessons, for we did learn from her. We learned about Love, Strength, Caring, Sharing, and so much more. I miss my little girl, she will always be that in my mind. She was my child, my friend, and life will never be the same again. But then, Heaven won’t either, now that she’s there. Goodnight my precious child…..Mama

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