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22 December, 2000
Thinking of you Paula. It’s hard to believe it’s been three years. I miss you.
Amy “Zak”
11 December, 1998
This is a sad day for all of us Paula…the day you left us. I think about you all of the time and I miss you very much. I miss your wit and your humor, and your love and care. You always cheered me up and made me feel like I belonged. You were a truly unique person. I treasured you as a friend but I never got to tell you….I’m sad that I couldn’t come to your funeral but I had school. I know you’re up there with the big guy making his day bright like you did ours…and I know you’re an angel looking down on me. I find comfort in watching a new Paula grow up, because my friend’s cousin was born a few months ago, and they named her Paula. I just hope she grows up to be special like you. I love you Paula. One day, a long time from now, I will finally get to meet you.
Love always,
Amy “Zak” Anderzak

“mnemonik” (
21 January, 1998
Dear Paula… you were one of the first persons who welcomed me on the List. And I will always remember it. JMDG = Spanky. I’m sure we will meet one day!

Lynnette (
18 January, 1998
You will live on in our memories, I thank the Great Spirit for allowing our lives to cross. Walk In Peace.

John Taylor (
15 January, 1998
For a very lovely person who touched many.

CatO (
15 January, 1998
We miss you terribly….save me a place in the corner somewhere for the day when we will meet again and I promise to leave the squirt gun at home.

Susi Patzke (
15 January, 1998
death can only get to us when we start to forget. Forgetting the person who has passed means letting this person die…again, at last. You will never die – because you’ll never be forgotten by your friends from the jmdg-l…

Ari (
15 January, 1998
The world would be darker without you, but I can feel you smiling down on all of us. I miss you.