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Cyprus 1988

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14 May 2019

Always in our thought,

Mum & Dad xx

10 July 2017

Thinking of you!!!!!!!

Daniel Shane

9 September 2016

Always in our thoughts –

Robert, Karen & Anneka

Robert Tait (
26 January, 2012
We are all still thinking of you mate.
Mum Dad & Anneka

Robert Tait (
10 December, 2008
I was having a quiet moment Matthew and thought of you. I was wondering what you would have been like at 21years old, one thing I do know is that you would have been a son to be proud of as I’m so proud of your sister Anneka.
I miss you mate

“Karen & Robert Tait” (
14 March, 2005
Six years on.
Forever in our thoughts.
Mum, Dad and sister Anneka
x x x

Xavier Leret (
23 July, 2004
I was just passing through and came across your poetry which I thought was really fantastic.

“Donna Bogs” (
18 August, 2003
To Matthew’s parents.
How sad to lose such a beautiful boy. I hope as time passes, the pain will ease somehow. I lost a brother to cancer, and as much as I miss him, I know he is now out of his pain. To me, in Heaven, we will be reunited with those we loved and lost. I hope it is so for you. Donna

“Robert Tait” (
14 March, 2002
Thinking of you tonight exactly three years since you were taken from us, forever in our thoughts and memories. Mum, Dad and Anneka.

“Robert & Karen Tait” (
11 July, 2001
Matthew, We think of you every day and know that you are free from pain and for that we’re grateful, but we miss you so much and wish you could still be here to share with us your laughter, your smiles and your love for life. Your courage inspired all who knew you and will continue to inspire others who have never had the chance to meet you. We love and miss you… Mum, Dad Anneka

We miss you every day and your smile lives on in our hearts and in our minds.
With much love
Mum, Dad & Anneka

We miss you so much every day and think of you all the time. Your memory lives on, you will never be forgotten.
Mum, Dad & Anneka

14 March, 2001
Thinking of you and missing you today and always, our brave and courageous son. Forever in our thoughts, Mum, Dad and Anneka x

31 December, 2000
Just felt like writing a few words, just to really say I’m thinking of you tonight as the year 2000 is nearly ended. It’s been a lonely Christmas without you for all of us, I missed seeing you opening presents and wearing the latest goalie top that took your fancy. Anneka is growing up to be a real beauty and with a real attitude, your mum and I could do with you keeping her admirers at arms length. Hope your Grandad is keeping you sharp in goal ready for your dad to take some shots at you whenever that may be. You’ll always be in my thoughts mate, I miss you so much son.. (Dad)

Derek Bowry (
23 August, 2000
To the boy who was so brave and strong. I hope you are safe in heaven now and waiting to see your family again. Even though I don’t know you, your death has touched me very much. Rest in peace. Holly Bowry, England.

Gail Trocchio (
23 May, 2000
to a sweet and courageous little boy. i am sure you are with the angels. god bless you always.

“kenneth hankins jr” (
19 May, 2000
from sue hankins halls, tn. my prayers are with you.

“hlcenter” (
22 March, 2000
Liebe Leute !
Es macht mich betroffen und traurig , das ein so junges Leben von Gott abberufen wird… Doch ich weiss, Gott wird sich um Matthew kümmern und er wird dafür sorgen, das er glücklich und frei ist!
In Gedenken an einen kleinen, lebenslustigen Jungen…
H. Ligdorf, Bielefeld, Germany

“g_wijnen” (
17 March, 2000
To remember Matthew Tait, whose life was too short.
Henny and Willem Wijnen
Pim and Simone
Bas and Saskia

Judie Stegman ( )
14 March, 2000
May your light shine on us. In loving memory, Judie and Bud
14 March, 2000
You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, today and always.

Brian Schrauger (
14 March, 2000
Happy freedom day, beautiful Matthew.
Looks like my precious Taylor is coming your way sometime in the next few months. Would sure love for you to greet him with your wonderful smile, high fives and a footrace between the stars. You are missed, you are loved. And your parents, your sister, are a wonder, a miracle, a gift to all of us still in pain… With love and lifelong admiration…
Brian Schrauger
Taylor’s dad … and Christopher & Jonathan’s too.

“boddah” (
14 March, 2000
We won’t forget you Matty Rest In Peace
14 March, 2000
I hope you have met with my darling Brianna. She joined you in Heaven Dec.30, 1999. The two of you should make quite a pair. Rest easy and peacefully. Your family was very lucky to have been chosen to host you while you were on this earth. Send strength and guidance to your loved ones.
Jenn ~ Auntie to Brianna Elise

“Robert & Karen Tait” (
14 March, 2000
What can I say that hasn’t been said before. Your Mother and I, and of course Anneka, are thinking of you today as it has been a whole year since we said goodbye to you. We will be remembering today your fit and healthy days when you didn’t have a care in the world and also the last 23 months of your life when you battled bravely against the cancer. We miss you so much.

22 January, 2000
Your Mum and I visited your memorial in Hendon this afternoon. It had been a while since I last went there although your mum has been regularly. I missed you more than ever today, hope your goalkeeping is still coming along wherever you are, I miss having you around especially our kickabouts in the garden and wish I appreciated those moments much more.

“Angela” (
01 September, 1999
Though I knew you for just a short time, you touched me and inspired me. There are so many things I feel, but I cant get the words out. It was truly an honour knowing you Matthew. From my Mum and myself, rest in peace. chris jensen

Dorothy Burt (
23 July, 1999
Matthew, You continue to inspire us, and though we never met, we still remember your spark and courage. the Burt family, Auckland, NZ

Brian & Maggie Donnelly (
22 July, 1999
Mathew, your courage and strength should be a comfort to each of us — you didn’t go without a struggle and although you weren’t victorious in this battle; know that the fight continues.
Brian, Maggie, Adam & Kristina Donnelly
(Comrades in the battle against childhood cancers)
“Comfort ye and be strong, for I may no more help ye. I go to the Vale of Avilion to heal my grievous wound, and if ye see me no more, pray for my soul.” –Sir James Knowles “King Arthur and His Knights”
21 July, 1999
You have touched our lives in so many ways. You will live forever in our hearts.
The Bergquist Family

“Robert & Karen Tait” (
20 July, 1999
Flowers from Your Mum and Dad and sister Anneka. We missed you so very much on what would have been your 12th birthday on 11th July.
(Mum) Matthew, now you are safe and free from pain. Sleep tight. We miss you so much.
(Dad) Hope you are practising your goalkeeping for when I get up there mate, looking forward to trying to put some shots past you 🙂