Kathleen Ann Tedford ✵ 1979-1995

Kathleen Ann Tedford

Name at birth: Kathleen Ann Tedford
Date of birth:  November 3, 1979
Place of birth:  Little Rock, Arkansas
Date of death:  September 3, 1995
Place of death: Little Rock, Arkansas
Resting place:  Forest Hills, Little Rock, Arkansas
Submitted by:  Teresa and Trey Stevens   (



For Kat-  

     I held your hand   
     as you learned to walk    
     and with tiny fingers,    
     you held my heart.   
     I wiped the tears  
     whenever you fell    
     and picked you up   
     for you to go again.   
     As the years passed by,    
     I watched you grow   
     tall, strong, beautiful,   
     and full of life.   
     Sometimes we laughed,   
     sometimes we cried,   
     holding on to each other   
     through the good and bad times.   
     So sure of yourself    
     and determined to fly,   
     you tried out your wings    
     and vanished into the night.    
     The shadows have darkened,  
     no longer warmed by your light;    
     Your memory is close   
     but you're no where in sight.    
     You know I will miss you    
     with each passing day    
     and hold you close to me    
     and love you always.   

     I love you, Kitten    
        09 Sept 95   

Kathy was 15 years old and in the tenth grade at North Little Rock High School. She was active in Girl Scouts for 8 years and volunteered at Girl Scout Camp, working with the camp horses and teaching other girls to ride. A memorial is established through the Ouachita Girl Scout Council to provide campership funds for underprivileged girls to attend horse camp activities. Anyone wishing to contribute may do so by contacting her mother at

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