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Maria Ekstrand (
February 8, 2009
Alskade Pappa,
Jag planterar nagra vilda varblommor pa din 75-ars dag. Kan inte forsta att det gatt over 13 ar sen jag sag dig senast. Vi saknar dig fortfarande och Mohini tittar ofta pa den bilden vi tog utanfor er lagenhet och kommenterar hur orattvist det ar att hon aldrig fick traffa dig. Jag haller med! Det ar sa mycket som hant de senaste 13 aren, bade i varlden och i var familj och jag onskar att vi hade fatt dela och diskutera dom. Men allra mest vill jag hora ditt skratt, se dig busa med mamma och fa en kram.

Elizabeth (
29 April, 2004
I would like to leave beautiful marigolds for Lennart Ekstrand. His daughter, Maria, touched my heart several years ago when she left flowers for my own father, Gerald Fleming, and it made me feel better. Like me, she lost her dad to lung cancer after a long valiant fight. On this anniversary of my dad’s death, I am thinking of him and also of Maria’s kind gesture. I hope she is doing well. Thank you, Elizabeth Fleming

Maria Ekstrand (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996

Alskade Pappa,
I’m leaving “snow drops” and “forget-me-nots” and light a candle for you today on the anniversary of your departure. Stockholm is probably very cold today, but I hope you can sense the warmth of my feelings and thoughts I send to you today and every day. I still miss you!
– Maria
Mon, 1 Apr 1996

I leave some flowers here from a daughter also who has lost her sweet Papa, too. Oh how lucky are we girls who have such wonderful fathers in our lives! And although the sorrow that is left by their leaving us is boundless, each tear shed, each painful moment remembered, each word spoken of them, is testement to our endless love for our fathers. Please take care.

Isaac’s Daughter