Craig Martin Elder ✵ 1960-1993

Craig Martin Elder

Name at birth:  Craig Martin Elder
Date of birth:  Sept. 19, 1960
Place of birth:  Miami, Florida, USA
Date of death:  April 1, 1993
Place of death:  Miami, Florida, USA
Resting place:  Southern Memorial Park, North Miami, Florida, USA
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Craig Martin Elder


Despite that it is written on the signpost
“Do not pick-up the flowers”
it is useless against the wind that
does not know to read (Hindu Poem)





In Memory of my Soul Mate Craig, the hurt boy who never grew up and always was ignoring life harsh realities. Our lives merged for a short period of time and we shared laughter (lots), tears, pains (yours was emotional, mine was physical) but above all unconditional love. I was honored to take your hand and help you to journey through the maze of your life. You left me better than you found me, and you taught me to be compasionate and patient with human frailties. I held you hand until you had your last breath, I hope that you will hold mine in spirit when my time comes. I immensely miss you from my life. My heart is grieving for you every day since you went from this life into the real life. It have to be, my other half is gone. So I am living one day at the time, waiting for my liberation day, when I will see your smiling face again. Do you remember how frequently strangers asked us everywhere “are you brothers”? Usually we look at each other, answer “yes” and laugh about. Yes, we are soul brothers!

Rest well in the love and light of God, until we meet again. In that day when there will be not tears and regrets we will have a laugh, and I promise you now, the first drink will be on me. Until I see you again:
Good night!

Your mother Sandy, grandmother Connie and brother Robbie
are also grieving and missing you.

Life is eternal and love immortal and
Death is only a horizon
And a horizon is the limit of your sight.

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