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Anita Carr (
23 February, 2001
My daughter (Jessica Carr) has also died from cancer. She is also “buried” here with your Kent. I wish to send you kind thoughts and warm wishes, and many flowers! Be well. Anita Carr — Sandisfield, Massachusetts in USA

“TandLBennett” (
13 January, 2001
Such a sad loss so young. My name is Leonie. My Father was Ken. He was Kent’s Uncle’s godfather. I believe Kent was named after his Uncle Ken Bousfield who was named after his godfather Ken my Father.
28 February, 2000
I’m sorry you lost your loved one. I have lost many. A dosen roses for you. Jen

bousfield (
01 April, 1997
Lots of Love Mum.

23 December, 1997
Merry Xmas – Mum