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Kathleen Bloom (
13 July 1997
Dear Jim,
Once upon a time in the fairyland of the sky
where stars are born all silvery-golden bright,

Where nymphs and fairies and elves and sprites
come to rest and play and weave fairytales of delight

Where leprechauns and menehunes live and frolic
‘tween their visits to earth at night

Where rainbow bridges connect enchanted forests
filled with soft translucent light

Where night is day and day is night,
and all is wrapped in eternal twilight

Into this enchanted land of mischief and magic, wishes and dreams,
where everything, and nothing, is as it seems

Emblazened by armor shiny and bright
and astride a white horse – a magnificent sight!

Rode the mightiest and bravest Knight of the land
to claim his Lady and take her hand

To travel with her through time and beyond
to walk in the woods and to sit by the pond

To swing and to laugh, to sing and to hum
to talk gently of times gone by – and of times yet to come

Times of shared passion and joy, sorrow and tears
times of always being together – eternity, not years

Once upon a time in this forever place
The Knight and his Lady share their always embrace.

1997 Kathy Bloom
Always your lady and always in love with you

We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience –
we’re spiritual beings having a human experience