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Anita Carr (
26 March, 2011
Hello beautiful daughter! I love you so much!! I’m getting older…….And I still think about you…I still remember you and I still think about you! I love you…….
24 October, 2006
Hello beautiful daughter!
It’s been a long time again. I’m still alone. JP will be 31 and Colin will be 25. You would have been 26. I think about you even now–its been over 25 years. I miss you. I’ll miss you forever. I love you! Mom

07 June, 2005
Hello beautiful daughter!
I miss you greatly. And I love you so much. Your dad died a few years ago. He had cancer in and on his larynx. It was from smoking. He died on May 22, 2001. I miss him too even though he lived with another woman. I feel alone sometimes, but I guess that’s okay. J.P. will be 30 this year and Colin is 23. I will be 53 at the end of the year. How did the time pass so quickly? I am supporting myself…I wasn’t sure I could. I’m doing things I never thought I would ever do. Life can be exciting. I wish you could have experienced it longer. I wish you could have seen a butterfly, a flower, a tree, the first snow storm of the year and all of the other joys that I have felt. Beautiful…like my children! All three of them!
I love you.

11 September, 2004
Hello Jessica: It’s me again, my life is so different now. I live alone, except for a dog named Barney and a cat named Amos. J.P. is 28 and Colin is 22. I have my own business now. I find myself still thinking about you… wondering about you. I still wish that I could just touch you one more time with my hands and yet I know that our connection of the heart is still very strong!!!! That will always be. It’s a comfort to me. I just started taking piano this year… at age 51! I like the music that comes from it and even have composed a little bit. Who knows what will come of it. I love you… Mom

22 May, 2004
Hello Jessica:
It has been almost 23 years since you died–and I still think about you–I always will. You have decorated my life. Love, Mom

“Christine” (
14 March, 2002
Thankyou for leaving flowers for Kent. Please accept mine in return. Read your tribute. Lovely. Christine (Kent’s mum)

“Christine” (
16 June, 2001
Thank you for leaving a message for my son who is also “buried” in this cemetery. Your kind thoughts are appreciated. What a touching message in your daughters messages.
Christine Bousfield

Anita Carr (
28 April, 2000
Hello Jessica:
It’s me again–Mom. And I still miss you! You would have been 19. J.P. is now 24 and Colin is 18. I still wonder what you would have looked like today if you had lived. I miss you my beautiful daughter! Lots of love, Mom

john laidler (
13 May, 1999
I have a daughter called Jessica and shed tear for you
Steven Huntsman
25 January, 1999
Just a message to let you know…I thought of you today. Even though I do not know who you are, you have left a impact in my heart. May the heavens hold you close…

Jim Bergshoeff (
31 December, 1998
Expressing deep sympathy at the loss of your precious daugter. may God be with you.
01 December, 1998
When I read the monument for Jessica, I began to cry. I have just recently lost a nephew. Not to cancer, but premature birth. And though there is no comparison of the disease, there was still a precious life lost. I, also, was able to be present for his death, and feel that this helped me to deal with the loss. Though he was only with us for a total of 40 days, he has touched everyone around us.
I thank you for posting your message.
13 November, 1998
I am very sorry for your loss. Thank God that little Jessica is in such a wonderful place now though. God Bless You
01 November, 1998
You sound like a wonderful person and a loving mother. My heart is touched by what you said, and you have a wonderful outlook on life. Your precious child most certainly without a doubt will live on forever in your heart and with god. And when you have lived your life, she will certainly be there to take you home with her. God bless you and your family. Your strength and courage has given me comfort also. Jessica is in god’s hands and he will guide her and lovingly nuture her. So she lives on.
Sally Kennedy
14 September, 1998
I send flowers to you because Jessica was born on a very special date. On my birthday I try to remember all the kids that did not make it. So to your daughter I leave her flowers.

Dianne Mosher (
10 September, 1998
Jessica would be now, the same age as my son. He is away at college and I miss him desperately. My heart goes out to you missing her all of these years.
07 August, 1998
May God hold Jessica in his arms for all eternity. His strength shines brightly in your writing.
Bless you!

Diane Ditto (
06 April, 1998
From another Mother of one of your Heavenly playmates.

Marie Elder (
April 4, 1997
To Jessica’s mom,
I lost my 3 1/2 year old on March 9th 1996 to a malignant brain tumor also present at birth. The sense of loss is incredible and I hope time has helped heal you.I know what you mean by the impact it has on your life. I miss my Kelsey desperately, but I know I’ll see her again some day. I want to leave a bouquet of purple daisies (Kelsey’s favorite flower) for you and little Jessica.
Take care, Marie (

Mom (
Tue, 17 Dec 1996

Hello my beautiful daughter!

Today, (December 17, 1996) you would have been 16 years old. I know that you would have been beautiful. I still miss you. I think about you sometimes. And I realize that nothing has ever filled that void in my life after your death. Nothing ever will–but that’s okay. I’m doing well and am surprised about some of the things that I have learned about myself. My love for you will be in my heart for as long as I live.


James Ferguson (
Sun, 24 Nov 1996

Anita, I know there is a special place in heaven for mother’s who have lost their children. And, hopefully, there is just as special a place in paradise for father’s, like myself, who have felt that pain. Hopefully, Jessica and Miriam are playing together and waiting for us.

Mon, 18 Nov 1996

These flowers are for the family of Jessica — I would like to express my sympathy, and ask that God bless you all. The memorial I read is very touching, and it is clear that you remember Jessica with great love and appreciation. I would like to believe that she was sent to you, or maybe even all of us, for an important reason, to teach or remind us of the preciousness of life, no matter how brief it is.

I wish you God speed, and I thank you for sharing your thoughts on Jessica’s life with me.

Lisa Wood (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996

I want to express my deepest sympathy to the family of this little girl. I know this was a great loss to you and a great loss to this world. I’m placing a big yellow rose from Texas on her virtual memorial.
– Lisa Wood, Fairfield, TX

Sandra Wilcher “”
25 December, 1997
Anita – my heart goes out to you. There can be no pain like the pain of losing a loved one. Especially a child. You are in my prayers.
Sandy Wilcher and daughter Marla Hines