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B Laramee (
26 February, 1999
Kasarn, please know how sorry I am for the loss of your Dad. He and I share the same birthday which is what empowered me to write to you. I lost my Mom to cancer this past year and we are fighting the cancer war with my Dad as well. At any age, the loss of a parent cannot be justified by words. The hurt is far too great. The healing process is slow. Please know that you were thought of today fondly. I’m certain your Dad is very proud of you. I will think of him and you on 4/10.

Alan & Kris Sims (
26 June, 1998
Kasarn – you were very young when your Dad died. I was 10 when my Dad died – it is so unfair – I know. Be the best that you can be as he will be watching over you and will be so proud. God bless you.