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Peggy Cowick (
27 May, 2012
Hello Mama, I had a dream about you last night and in it you could walk and talk and your were beautiful like a movie star. And you had blonde hair. I’m moving back to SC soon. I just fell like I belong there. Mom I miss you so much. I sure wish you were still around. I look for signs from you, I am so much like you. I love you. Let’s go have some crab legs, toot toot! Your daughter, Peggy
24 August, 2007
Happy Birthday, Mom!!! I miss you very much. Please watch over our family and keep us safe. Love, Your daughter, Martha Ann
24 February, 2007
Hey Grandma….I miss you a lot…well im 13 now…my birthday was last weekend…i miss you incredibly and i wish you were still here….tell grandpa i say hi and give him a hug for me
i miss u lots
~ lauren

Peggy Cowick (
31 January, 2007
Hi Mom, Tell Aunt Lou hello and that Uncle Foman is doing fine. How are all of you? I miss and love you more than ever. I will never forget the happy times we had together. Please watch over Lauren tomorrw as she is having a dental surgery. I know you will be there with us all. Love, Peggy

“Charlie Comberrel” (
19 October, 2004
Hi Mom, Talked with Aunt Lou today. We all still miss you so much. May you rest in peace and be a guardian angle over our families. Love, Martha

Hi Mom, Love you and miss you. Be our guardian angle. Love, Martha

25 July, 2004
Who knows why things happen the way they do? I know you are here with me. Please watch over us and help us keep strong for one another. I love you. I miss you. I feel you in my heart. Peggy