Anna Grace Batson ✵ 1925-2001

Anna Grace Batson

Name at birth:  Anna Grace Ragsdale
Date of birth:  8/25/1925
Place of birth:  Pelzer, SC
Date of death:  11/11/01
Place of death:  Piedmont, SC
Resting place:  Greenville Memorial Gardens, Greenville, SC
Submitted by:  Peggy Cowick (



Anna Grace BatsonIn loving memory of our Mother. My you be at rest and without pain.

I visited the cemetery
As I often sometimes do
I gazed upon the headstone
and said a prayer or two.

I placed a wreath upon her grave
Where my moms body lay
I shed my tears and spoke of love
Then slowly walked away

I don’t kmow why, but I turned back
And I saw an awesome sight
through the majestic tree above her grave
I saw a radiant light

So struck by it’s beauty
And the bending of shadowed boughs
My heart was filled with joy
And my spirit was aroused.

It’s as if mom was giving me a message
And suddenly I realized
Her home is still within my heart
And no one ever really dies

There come a time one must leave this earth
But they are never far away
And they hear our every thought and word
When we go to them to pray.

My thought began to turn to times long ago
As I smiled and moved forward
Still feeling the lights glow
I felt the light go with me

Mom had sent me a message
On this wonderful day
Upon the radio was playing
As the day turned into night
Don’t worry, just be happy
and you know, She was right.

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