Donald Thomas Higgins ✵ 1935-1994

Name at birth:  	 Donald Thomas Higgins 
Date of birth:  	 December 21, 1935 
Place of birth:  	 Pittsburgh, Pa. USA 
Date of death:  	 May 24, 1994 
Place of death:  	 Pittsburgh, USA 
Place of burial:  	 Cremeated in Pittsburgh, Pa. USA

Submitted by: Terry Higgins (

I never knew my dad as well as I would have liked to.
He kept his emotions to himself, as many of us do.
He was a decent, hardworking man who tried his best to provide for his family.
I miss him, and wish he had lived to meet his grandson.
Please don’t start smoking or quit now if you do. That’s what killed him.

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