Zvi Topaz ✵ 1927-1995

Name at birth:  	 Zvi Piekash 
Date of birth:  	 27/04/1927 
Place of birth:  	 LODGE, POLAND 
Date of death:  	 17/12/1995 
Place of death:  	 HAIFA  ISRAEL 
Place of burial:  	 BEIT YEHUSHUA ,  CEMETERY  HAIFA

Submitted by: Agiv Nurit & Ofer (

A holocaust surviver who lost all his family during the 2nd world war. Came to Israel to start a new life. Built a wonderful family, two sons and 6 grandchildren, established a successful Hi-Tec plant, (Ham-Let Ltd.) exporting state of the art sophisticated products worldwide. A wonderful caring and loving father and uncle to all of us.

May his memory always be with us.

From all Agiv family.

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