William D’Arthur Tripp ✵ 1917-1991

Name at birth:    William D’Arthur Tripp 
Date of birth:    11/23/17 
Place of birth:   New Bern, NC, USA 
Date of death:    4/20/91 
Place of death:   Brooklyn, NY, USA 
Place of burial:  Sayerville, NJ, USA

Submitted by: Dabura Karriem (

Our father left us so suddenly that we were not able to say our final goodbyes.
I miss him terribly and only wish that I could have told him how much I loved him before he left this world.
He was always a stable force in my life; predictable and kind. My life has not been the
same without him. At least he is with our mother, Sadie, who I’m sure will keep him
company long into eternity.

Daddy, we all are well and we miss you terribly!

Visitors & Flowers

Sadie Hill Tripp ✵ 1919-1994 (wife)