Sidney Bruce Jacobs ✵ 1949-1992

Name at birth:    Sidney Bruce Jacobs 
Date of birth:    December 16, 1949 
Place of birth:   Gadsden, United States 
Date of death:    July 31, 1992 
Place of death:   Altoona, US 
Place of burial:  Hill Crest Boaz, AL. US

Submitted by: Joey Jacobs (

My Dad was a great man, if he saw anyone without a shirt and it was his last shirt he had he would’ve given it to someone. He died when I was ten (10) years old. He was an acoholic, at which he could not help. He is the father of (3) three children total me, my brother, and my sister. He committed suicide. I know it was a tough decision for him, but I also know that he is alright and is in heaven. I don’t get to hug him or talk to him, or go fishing with him anymore, which is one of the most important things I miss. But the most impo- rtant thing I miss is having a dad. It gets tough. After my dad died my friends and family (on his side only) completely deserted me and my mom leaving us by ourself, except one cousin on his side which is about 50 years old. Her name is Kay Simmons, owner of Simmons Auto Parts of Alabama. She has been a true friend to us since then, and before. Since my dad has died I really became attatched to my mom, I go where she goes,when she goes. There isn’t anywhere she goes that I don’t. I don’t know whether or not I am clinging on to her because she is all I got, but I know if I lost her I would go crazy. She is the only parent I have left besides a step-dad at which I like. My dad was the best man I ever knew, we didn’t have much money but he was a hard worker and so was my mom at first he told my mom “no wife of mine is going to have to work, we’ll make it” but she went to work anyway, on her own free will. I am now about to be 15 years old July 5, I deal with being without my dad everyday. Always remember to respect your parents for you do not know your last minutes with them.
Joey Jacobs

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