Samual David Thompson ✵ 1913-1950’s (?)

Samual David Thompson

Name at birth:  Samual David Thompson
Date of birth:  03/09/1913
Place of birth:  St. Paul, Minnesota
Date of death:  1950’s(?)
Place of death:  Unknown Grave, USA
Resting place:  Unknown Grave, USA
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Sam, you are the grandfather we never met, but still you are in our hearts each and every day. We have spent hours upon hours searching for just a single trace of your existence. We know you were here once; that you lived and breathed, laughed and cried, worked and strived just as we do …Samual David Thompson

We have been told that you had a great sense of humor, and we know you loved your little son, Arnold, and your baby daughter, “Cocky,” or Colleen. We know you served your country proudly with the Red Raiders and went off to two wars…

Still, barely a whisper of you remains — except for maybe the slight trace of you in the faces of your family, and your image on a few old, tattered photographs. Not a record, not a report, not even a friend or acquaintance is here to tell us more…

We do not know what happened to you and we always wonder about the man we know so little about — the sound of your voice, your thoughts, your dreams… Someday, we hope to all know the circumstances of your life and to tell you that you were not forgotten and we always loved you…

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